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The pictures below are shown as an example of the used containerlifters that have been, or could be exported, to various countries around the world. Many and various used containerlifters are purchased against firm orders and brought into the workshop, inspected, repaired and refreshed according to the requirements of the new owner. They are then stripped as required and packed for shipping.


Hammarlift 151 10' - 40'

New Iveco Diesel engine and radiator.
New pump and alloy twin fuel and hydraulic oil alloy tanks.
ROR 10 stud axles.
12 x 1100R 22.5 tyres with 80 % or more rubber remaining.
Steel Spring ROR suspension.
Currently Left Hand loading - but can be changed to right hand loading if required.
Ready for immediate shipment. Already prepared for shipment in a 40 container for economical sea shipment.
Circa 1250 mm fifth wheel operating height for level operations.
With optional two extra two high container stacking non loading side stabilisers fitted.

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This is a typical Hammar 195 which we can supply. Here you see it operates on a low height turntable and has small diameter wheels. Depending on the customer we and cost considerations we can change wheels, tyre sizes, suspension type and ride height and even axles.

2003 Swinglift 20' - 40'

Lifting capacity 35 tonnes. 17.5 tonnes per crane. [Balanced load.]

Toyota Diesel power pack

Three axle
with dual wheels

Cranes will be repainted.

Price: On Inquiry

Swinglift 20' - 40'

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This Swinglift was very recently delivered to Mauritius - but we can supply others.

This Swinglift brand has some unique features.

1.      It cannot overturn forward while loading as there is ever a counterbalance action. The load is always lifted inside the stabilisers so there is not counterbalance action.

2.      It can load another container on a companion vehicle while remaining loaded with a container!

3.      It does not rest the stabilisers on the deck of the companion vehicle when transferring to a companion vehicle which avoids the potential for damage to the deck of the companion vehicle

Hammarlift model 151 20' - 40'

Capable of 36 tonne lift.

Traditionally fitted with:

Iveco diesel engine

Three axles, Air suspension, Dual wheels

Although our supply source usually has low profile tyres and air suspension we can change the axle configuration to meet the Country to which it is to be shipped.

Steelbro Mk6 20' - 40'

Used Steelbro Mk6 20' - 40'
Kubota Diesel engine
Three axles with last axle a castor steer axle

Dual wheels
33 Tonne lifting capacity
We have access to a range of these units ranging from 1994 upwards.


This Unit Is Sold
But we can supply more like it

SB33 Steelbro Sdelifters

Three axle Steelbro SB30 or SB33.

Lifting capacity 30 or 33 tonnes.

Kubota diesel engine.

All the NZ operated Sidelifter of this model have air suspension with 3 only 8 stud axles, low profile tyres, air suspension  and run on a 1120 mm low turntable height.

However if destined for rough roads we can change the axles, wheels and tyres sizes and raise the fifth wheel turntable height


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If there is some other make or model of used Self-Loading Container Trailer, Swinglift, Swingthru, Sidelifter, Side-lift, Midilift, Maxilift, Conporter, Sideloader, Swingloader, ISO Container Lifter, ISOContainerlifters, Containerlifter, Container Lift, Container Loader, Container Handler, Container Transporter, Klaus Sideloader, Kranmobil or Self-Loading Trailer, that you require, we will be happy to try and locate some for you

If you have a container lifter of any type you wish to sell, please do consider listing it on this web site


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